Subscription Sales

At PassionArts Teleservices, our teams of telephone sales representatives (TSRs) and our managers are passionate performing arts lovers. This allows them to convey genuine conviction, enthusiasm and a true sense of pride in the product they are selling.

We train our TSRs to sell subscriptions in a way that emphasizes the philanthropic support component, developing a much stronger and more meaningful relationship between that new subscriber and the organization they support.

In other words, we move away from the “purely transactional” nature of a person buying X number of tickets for price point Y at discount rate Z. Our TSRs educate renewing and new subscribers on how important subscription revenue is for not-for-profit organizations. We call this approach “mission-based selling.” TSRs trained in this method of selling subscriptions are also able to transition smoothly over to fundraising and/or membership acquisition for the same organization.

By relying on the expertise that PassionArts has built over the years, our clients have found that they achieve a growing subscription base and significant increases in renewal and retention rates. The ultimate result? Stabilized revenues, loyal and highly committed longer-term subscribers and maximized sales results.