Our Unique Approach

Currently, we are the only firm in the world with the expertise, experience, knowledge and know-how to consistently achieve outstanding telephone subscription sales, membership acquisition and telefundraising revenue objectives on both English and French language campaigns.

Our company has become known for its extremely high standards of professionalism in both our management practices and on every call our representatives make on behalf of our clients. We use a respectful, soft-sell, informative approach, leaving potential subscribers/members and donors with a positive feeling, regardless of the call’s final outcome.

Because we choose to remunerate our telephone sales/fundraising representatives significantly more than our competitors, we attract and retain well-educated, articulate, high-quality individuals who can provide our clients with a superior level of representation in both official languages.

Bilingual capacity

We have the bilingual staff already in place at our Ottawa call centre to manage all aspects of our clients’ telemarketing campaigns. In servicing the Canadian market, we believe it is vital to have bilingual callers and telemarketing managers who can converse and solve customers’ problems in either language. Our President and CEO, Thomas Krayer, is fluently bilingual and takes great pride in offering a superior level of customer service in both official languages. Over the years, we have demonstrated our ability to recruit very high quality callers who are fluent in French, English or both.

Thomas Krayer, President and CEO