Our Dedicated Technology

State-of-the-art call centre

PassionArts Teleservices has a vibrant office located in Ottawa. This 2,000-square-foot call centre is equipped with sophisticated technological solutions, including over 50 call stations that correspond to our clients’ needs. Our call centre is an environment that fosters creativity and productivity, and is conducive to retaining an extremely high level of artistically inclined callers.

Our web-based, world-class and PCI-compliant calling software provides our clients with:

  • High-quality real-time reports including: response rates, disposition reports (reasons for not subscribing/donating), patron feedback, and caller and lead effectiveness
  • Client data collection and updating: email address, basic demographic information, survey questions, etc.
  • Credit card security
  • “Do not call” list screening and blocking
  • Pre-programmed maximum number of calls per lead source (can be different for different leads)
  • Ability to track and strategically redeploy leads identified as “soft nos” after having retired them for a few weeks
  • Auto-sorting and saving of leads based on customer responses, giving us the ability to easily determine if they meet the criteria for re-entering them into a calling cycle

In addition to the features listed above, we would like to specify that our calls are not computer-driven but rather manually dialed. It is our belief that computer-driven dialing would be detrimental for two fundamental reasons:

  1. These systems inevitably cause a “pause” when the customer answers the call, which is not only annoying and unpleasant, but has also become an audio “signal” to customers that they are being “telemarketed” from some large call centre. We prefer NOT to sound like typical telemarketers in our entire approach, including the first few seconds of our calls.
  2. Computer-driven dialing is not conducive to fostering a pleasant work environment for the type of mature, high-calibre and artistically inclined representatives that we employ.

The PassionArts web-based secure CRM system allows us to handle leads by tracking category; classify and record the result of each calling attempt; determine how to handle subsequent attempts; control the number of dials to a given lead source; deal with “remove from calling list” requests; report “not in service” phone numbers; and record, summarize and report “reasons for not subscribing/renewing a subscription” as well as “reasons for not donating/renewing a membership.” In short, we’re equipped to handle even the most sophisticated client requirements.


The reports that we provide our clients for each campaign were specifically developed to give marketing and/or fundraising executives the information they need, in a format that is easy for them to use. Weekly reports are provided on Mondays for the previous week of calling; they include the standard Projection Actual Variance (PAV), Sales-by-Series, Disposition by Score, Lead Tracking, and Weekly Summary Report.

Our reports include all the necessary information for marketing and/or fundraising executives to track their PassionArts campaign, including:

  • Response rate analyses by lead category (numbers of records dialed, number of dials made, number of leads contacted, call results, number of orders/donations and order/donation average, numbers of subscriptions and subscription average, subscription revenue, “add-on” single-ticket revenue)
  • Caller hours and costs
  • Reasons for not subscribing/donating

As well as our daily and weekly reports, we also supply end-of-campaign reports that record attempts, calls and call results per lead supplied as well as many other types of relevant statistical data.

Our award-winning software was specifically created for telemarketing campaigns and extensively adapted to maximize calling efficiency and return on calls, both for our clients and for us. To achieve this objective, our software is designed to be extremely user-friendly for both managers and callers enabling:

  • Customization for each calling campaign’s needs
  • Import/export of leads in a recognized data-exchange format to maintain integrity of database
  • Detailed patron history in plain language
  • Scripting, overcoming objections and FAQs incorporated on the callers’ display screen
  • Sophisticated lead management capacity, including segmentation by different variables, limit number of calls by segment and start/end date, assignment of specific segments or leads to specific callers, view scheduled call-backs, etc.
  • Real-time reports that provide our executive team with the ability to monitor the callers’ productivity as well as all other aspects of the campaign results with the click of a mouse, resulting in maximized calling efficiencies

Thomas Krayer, President and CEO